Thursday, 23 March 2017


All of us are pleased living our existence online than offline whether it’s for work, acquaintances, hobbies or simply getting fun. All of us prefer to find information about to internet for those our needs so if you're much like me who likes to explore and discover something totally new, then Home theater system . might keep switching in one web site to another. While surfing websites it’s type of difficult to realize that the web site you're visiting is protected to browse or otherwise. Many unskilled users click links not understanding the web site is not legitimate or contains malicious content. Thus, listed here are a couple of Google Chrome extensions which will help you browse safe on the internet and avoid adware and spyware websites.

CHROME EXTENSIONS #1 : WOT (Web of Trust):

This is among the easiest tools for internet security because its not necessary to become a geek to make use of WOT (web of trust). If you look for any web site, WOT allows you to realize that the web site is protected to go to or otherwise. WOT gives three signals which are a “red icon” for unsafe website, “green icon” for safe website and “yellow icon” means precede with cautions. Many users also rate different sites which we are able to see by clicking the icons as well as you are able to you can rate those sites for other people. I've attempted WOT with Google also it labored perfectly for me personally.


CHROME EXTENSIONS #2: McAfee SECURE safe browsing:

Another security extension for chrome is McAfee. If you open any web site and then click the McAfee icon on chrome browser it offers a superior important safety details about websites like phishing, adware and spyware, certified or otherwise, reading user reviews, recognition. If you opt for the compensated version, you would then have more security options like anti-virus, password protection, etc. McAfee is famous because of its online safety tools and therefore it’s safe and price giving a go to chrome application too.


CHROME EXTENSIONS #3: Avast Internet Security:

Avast Internet security is among my personal favorite tools to get details about unsafe websites since it has mixed features WOT and McAfee. If you look for any info on internet search engine, Avast internet security will state you with the aid of eco-friendly icons the web site is safe to browse or otherwise, much like WOT extension. Additionally, it gives you details about phishing, user-rating like McAfee. As well as that, additionally, it switches to right website whenever you type wrong URL and block many irritating Ads and also you get all of these features free of charge. If you wish to more security options of Avast you will want to upgrade it to compensated version.



Infections will always be frightening and it is prevention is definitely better thus, the above mentioned chrome extensions will help you know which web site is safe and which isn't. The suggestions above extensions are extremely easy, for non-techies. Soon I'll develop Chrome extensions which will help you block tracking websites and discussing your cookies, meanwhile share more security Google Chrome extensions around and remain safe!


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