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20 High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives For The Year 2017

Adsense alternatives, Yep! We want alternate ad systems whenever we get rejected by Adsense or when we have to make extra dollars. Well! Their list of Greatest having to pay Adsense Alternative companies can help you in generating money out of your blog.

Like a blogger, we feel Adsense is the greatest monetization program that pays high revenue for that ad publishers , but there are lots of Ad systems individuals pays high CPC, CPM rates. Individuals advertising companies happen to be listed clearly within the below table.

Adsense alternatives advertising companies

Personally, i recommend Media.internet and AdsOptimal as well as monetization systems for blogs. In the following paragraphs, I've described benefits and drawbacks of  20 High having to pay Adsense Alternative Ad systems that succeed in generating revenue out of your blog.

1.** $100 Text Ad, Display Ad,Display Ad. PayPal/ Wire transfer  CLICK HERE  
2.     AdsOptimal**  $50 Mobile Ads,Display Ads,Display Ads.  PayPal/ Cheque  CLICK HERE  
3.      Infolinks  $50  In text,In Search,In Tag.  PayPal/Wire/ eCheque/ WU  CLICK HERE  
4.      Amazon Associates  Unknown  Recommend. Ads,Search Ads,Custom Ads.  Gift Certificate, cheque  CLICK HERE  
7.      Propellar Ads  $50  PopUnder Ads,Mobile Ads,Banner Ads.  PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer  CLICK HERE  
8.      Adversal  $20 Banner,Pop-under, Ministitial.  PayPal/ ACH/ Cheque/ Wire  CLICK HERE  
9.      Viglink Unknown  VigLink Convert,VigLink Insert  PayPal/ Wire transfer  CLICK HERE  
14.   Chitika  $10  Targeted Text,Mobile Ads.  PayPal/Cheque  CLICK HERE  
15.   Adsterra   $100   Banners,popunders. Paypal/Payza/Bitcoin  CLICK HERE  
5.      Revenue Hits  $50  Pop-up Ads,Leaderboard,Interstitial.  PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer    
6.      BuySell Ads  $20  Banner Ads  Bank transfer/ PayPal/ Cheque  CLICK HERE  
10.   Qadabra  $1  Banner Ad,Slider Ad  PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer  CLICK HERE  
11.   SkimLinks  $10  SkimLinks   PayPal  CLICK HERE  
12.   Kontera  $50  Inline Text Links,Banner,  PayPal/Wire/Cheque  CLICK HERE  
13.   BlogAds  $75  Banner Ads,Pop-Unders.  PayPal/Wire/Cheque  CLICK HERE  
16.   BidVertiser  $10  Banner Ads,Mobile Ads.  Paypal/Payza  CLICK HERE  
17. OutBrain  $100  Full page,interstitial ads.  PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer  CLICK HERE  
18.   Taboola  Uknown  Uknown. Uknown  CLICK HERE  
19.   Pop Ads  $5   Pop Under Ad.  PayPal/ Payoneer  CLICK HERE  
20.  AdEngage  $50  text ads,banner and rich,media ads  PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cheque, Western Union  CLICK HERE  

High Having to pay Adsense Alternatives [Adsense Alternative Advertising Companies]

All of the above listing of Adsense alternatives would be best-rated ad systems which pay on the internet and they are Best monetization ad systems for blogs/websites. A few of the advertising the likes of Taboola and OutBrain are very well-suited ad platforms for Magazine, News blogs with decent CPC and CPM.

Now, Let’s possess a detailed information on different best monetization ad systems for blogs,

#1 MEDIA.Internet

Media.internet may be the contextual advertising network by Yahoo! and Bing together. Contextual ad network implies that it hosts advertisements in line with the context from the page. Anybody can request Media.internet. As it is presently an invite based ad network. Let’s see Benefits and drawbacks of MEDIA.Internet.

Adsense alternatives media.internet


First the majority of Adsense Alternatives.

No minimum Traffic needed.

Personal support

Prohibited Adult, tobacco,drugs & illegal content

Simple ad placements

Suitable for Adsense

Mobile Ad Units can be found


Doesn’t monetize as Adsense

Publishers primary language should be British

Offering types are CPC

No WordPress wordpress plugin available

Media.internet performance metrics aren't available instantly.

WHAT Other Medication Is Studying: CREATIVE Methods To PROMOTE Blogs

#2 AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is really a SanFrancisco based advertising company, The second most widely used Adsense alternatives which i know. I've personal expertise with AdsOptimal. This Ad network has both pros and cons too, individuals are listed clearly below.

adsopttmal Adsense alternatives


Enhanced mobile and desktop ads. Makes good revenue from mobile&desktops.

Best CPC AdSense alternative ad network

Among the best Adsense alternatives

Plugins can be found WordPress & Joomla platforms

As new writer, you're going to get $10 or $15

the ads will adjust themselves without responsive layout


No, good customer care. The response might take 1-a couple of days.

The payout product is not entirely bi-monthly

Needs a minimum payout of $50.


Infolinks is among the reputed Adsense Alternatives ad network which pays high CPC, CPM. You can generate more dollars whenever your blog has decent internet search engine organic traffic in the tier-1 countries.

infolinks Adsense alternatives


Among the best AdSense options for good traffic blogs.

Easy to setup ads around the blog.

Tier-1 countries make huge revenue from CPM of Infolinks

Payment can be achieved inside the time.


Infolinks user interface appears like an outdated one.

Don't provide a monitoring system for affiliate referrals

Minimum payout is $50

#4 Amazon . com Associates

It's the Amazon’s advertising network the best idea earn money online program. Amazon . com associates our fourth Adsense Alternatives which pays high revenue for that publishers.

amazon . com associates Adsense alternatives


Offers nearly 1.six million products to market

Low minimum payouts [$10 or over]

A great customer care

You may choose Automated ads, Banners, and contextual ads


Amazon . com Associates beginning commissions are, very reasonable

Link cookies continue for 24 hrs

The payout isn't through PAYPAL

#5.  Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is Israel-based Advertising network, a really famous CPA advertising company. This will be our fifth AdSense alternatives about this list.

revenue hits Adsense alternatives


It’s super easy  to obtain approval

Responsive customer care via Email

prohibited adult content ads

Large advertising network with 2 billion daily impressions

Obvious and straightforward dashboard


Unlike other contextual advertising programs RevenueHits doesn’t purchase clicks and page impressions.

Sometimes the ads may irritate you


Buysell advertising network is a superb ad company that is listed as adsense alternatives. BuySell ads is really a marketplace where publishers publish the ads of advertisers.


Best monetization ad network for blogs

Minimum payout is $20

No minimum visitors are needed

prohibited adult content ads


Doesn’t monetize as Adsense

Buysell ads performance metrics can't be seen live


Propeller ads, a contextual ad company that has belief as possible useful for that bloggers in monetizing their blog with Propeller ads because this is great AdSense alternatives. Because there are many Adsense alternatives Propeller ads includes a reputed devote their email list because it is a finest advertising program.

propeller ads adsense alernatives


No minimum payout

Top Adsense alternative advertising network

Simple approval process

We are able to monetize 404 page with full-size ad


Don't support PAYPAL payout, it's big disadvantage of the ad company since nearly every Adsense alternatives supports

Unfit for low traffic blogs

Poor consumer experience


Adversal is among the famous CPM systems with great consumer experience. This ad company has began with pop-up advertising. Adversal is better systems which play online. A brand new blogger cannot worry if he read AdSense alternatives like Adversal.

adversal adsense alternatives


Best earn money online ad network

Minimum payout is $20

High CPM rates

Payments are sent promptly


There's mandatory for primary language British

Needs increased traffic to operate Adversal ad network [50,000 views/month]

Earning statistics updated daily


Viglinks is definitely an advertising network which pays high rates. Viglink is partnered with vCommision and Effinity. The majority of the bloggers have AdSense mania but Viglinks plays a vital role when it's not necessary an AdSense approved blog. Viglink makes our content monetization easy as it is Search engine optimization friendly.

viglink adsense alternatives


works together with AdSense, Additionally a best AdSense alternative ad company.

We are able to use plugins [offers plugins]

Supports for Blogs and Forums too

Payment can be achieved via PAYPAL


tier-2 countries have reduced rates

Insufficient fine tuning of links per page/density


Qadabra is self-serve advertising platform which enables publishers to monetize their content. Qadabra advertising company best platform for that blogs getting Western countries traffic makes a respectable amount of cash. For Parts of asia, Qadabra provides some less rates. However, Qadabra ad network is among the best Adsense alternative advertising company

qadabra adsense alternatives


Good CPC & CPM rates with higher consumer experience

Minimum payout is $1 via paypal[great encouragement for starters

Best alternative for AdSense ad network.

Approval process is straightforward.


Should have a custom domain.

A few of the  options that come with Qadabra are compensated.

HIGH Having to pay Adsense ALTERNATIVES - Advertising Systems


Skim links is yet another high having to pay Adsense Alternatives which have our prime rating. Skimlinks always appears to check with Viglinks. Skimlinks is among a terrific way to generate revenue from content.  Skimlinks provides high CTR rates for WordPress blogs. One of the leading issues with skim links is low-speed page loading.

skimlinks adsense alternatives


Among the best platform to earn money online through blog

Provides high CTR rates

Possess a WordPress wordpress plugin

The payout can be achieved using PayPal and minimum payout is $10.


Revenue and conversions are problematic

Sometimes slow downs the page load [Better of our understanding


Kontera is among the Alternative Adsense advertising programs that really help publishers to earn money using their contextual advertisements. Kontera could be helpful to balance the monetization from the blogs that are aiming to earn money in the content. However, Kontera includes a good importance as Adsense Alternative ad  company.


Suitable for Adsense

Prohibited adult content

Ideal ad network for tier-1 countries


Not appropriate for novices

Minimum payout is $50


We are able to state that Blogads is among the best earn money online program. Blog ads are among the best among “different streams of advertising”  Buysell ads and Blog ads are tough competitors in direct advertising.  BlogAds is extremely familiar for his or her high CPC and CPM


Good customer care

Publishers can earn 14% through referring advertisements

The ad formats are responsive


minimum payout is $75 [ that is hard for beginners]

Huge traffic could be needed.

Can't see instant ads


Among the famous non-contextual advertising network. Best Adsense options for content monetization. Among the best pros of Chitika is ” it offers ads as with google's search”. Chitika advertising company is known for its high CPC rates.

chitika adsense alternatives


One account may be used to place ads on any web site[like Adsense

Minimum payment is $10

Probably the most using AdSense alternatives nowadays

Getting a referral program with 10% commission


As you can see Chitika has High CPC however when we match up against MEDIA.Internet & AdSense that is low.

Ad formats may disturb the writer and Customer too.

#15 Adsterra

Adsterra is yet another AdSense alternatives pays high rates for his or her promotions for websites and blogs.  A few of the benefits and drawbacks are highlighted below.

adsterra adsense alternatives


High CPC, CPM, CPA rates

Multiple ads formats for mobile and desktop

Good customer care


Requires huge traffic

Minimum payout is $100

#16 BidVertiser

Bidvertiser is known Adsense alternatives which permit publishers to put banner, pop-under ads. Bidvertiser is among the longest running advertising systems till today effectively.


Bidvertiser has 100% fill rate

Automatic approval for that network

High CPM rates for mobile traffic


They don't match the ads using the content in your site

Tier 2 country traffic generates a less earnings


Outbrain is among the reputed ad company pays high rates. Your blog with low traffic could make god revenue by publishing outbrain ads. A few of the benefits and drawbacks of the ad network are highlighted below.

outbrain adsense alternatives


Suitable for Adsense

Best Search engine optimization enhanced Ads for mobile’s

User-friendly user interface


Minimum payout is $100

Publishers share revenues are unknown

#18 Taboola

Taboola is really a contextual advertising network much like Outbrain. Taboola advertising network includes a reputed belief because of its high CTR rates. Taboola is among the suggested AdSense options for High traffic blogs to create handsome revenue.

taboola adsense alternatives


High CTR rates

Taboola widget makes good earnings

Greater may be the traffic more may be the revenue.


Low traffic sites cannot make more revenue

Unknown minimum payment


Pop ads would be best suited Adsense options for the reduced traffic sites to create handsome revenue. The interesting factor relating to this advertising network may be the minimum payout is $5, that is good encouragement for brand new bloggers who're rejected by Adsense.


The minimum payout is $5

Payment can be achieved using PayPal

Prohibited adult content


No responsive customer care

Reduced rates when compared with other systems.

#20 AdEngage

AdEngage is definitely an internet marketing network which pays high rates for CPC and CPM’s. Sites getting low Alexa ranks has more priority to advertise their advertisements. Your application process is bit tough.

20-high-having to pay-1


Best Adsense options for High organic traffic sites

Excellent tech support team

AdEngage provides high-quality advertisements


The word what ought to be British

The minimum payment varies based on the payment method


Any advertising network could be the best monetization ad network however that systems are rated under Adsense.

However to be able to balance the monetization of the web or blogsite we might use Adsense and alternative advertising systems by putting several advertising network ads on the blogs. All above Adsense alternative ad systems are very well-rated ad companies.

Finally, I conclude that of all the above mentioned Adsense alternative ad systems you might have attempted them.So, tell me your experience.

Thank you for studying!

Happy EARNINGS ?? !!


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