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Top 5 Best QR Code Scanner For Android|IPhone|Windows|Blackberry

Maybe you have attempted a QR code scanner in your cell phone? Yes! It's possible with mobile phone applications. But our application stores are swamped with a lot of QR code readers.qr code scanner In the following paragraphs, we've listed some featured QR code scanner apps for a number of mobile OS platforms. Before that allow we all know just what a QR code intended for.

Exactly what is a QR code?

Quick Response Code may be the abbreviated type of QR code which is the trademark for a kind of two-dimensional bar code first created for the automotive industry in Japan. QR code is really a machine readable format for representing data and that is a range of black square invest in white-colored background visible by machine and could be scanned by QR code scanners.

Exactly what is a Bar code?

Bar code may be the representation of information ,the information could be readable by code is much like different black stripes on white-colored background with various spacings.

You can differentiate a code whether bar code or perhaps a QR code through the pictures, qr code scanner     We've shortlisted Best QR code scanner app’s that minus the coupon-clipping before.

5 Best Best QR Code Scanner/Readers For Android Devices

I-Nigma Bar code scanner:

One-dimensional ( EAN,UPC) codes, two-dimensional (QR, Data matrix) codes are scanned. I-Nigma bar code scanner is quick and easy QR code scanner or QR code readers with higher interface.

To be able to scan the code all we have to put the camera in the bar code Wonderful features with this application are, scans colored and reserved course.This is among the best QR code scanner or even the QR code readers that people suggest.

qr code scanner

We are able to scan all codes concurrently and share codes through SMS.This is among the best QR code scanner or even the QR code readers that people suggest.

Bar code scanner:

Bar code or perhaps a QR code scanner, Scans all barcode symbols in addition to QR codes very easy and quick to make use of . Bar code scanner detects all codes instantly. The truly amazing options that come with this applications are  supports flash light for checking barcode symbols.

Google goggles:

Google goggles, is definitely an application produced by Google. It featured in checking barcode symbols, QR codes and helpful in recognizing landmarks and translates languages on pictures. qr code scanner

Quick Mark QR Bar code readers:

Developed having a easy and helpful interface like auto checking multiple bar code formats in the cell phone. Also, avail a lite version with slightly less permission needs. You should check it on play store. Most importantly have, Cost: Free                 Offered at Play store

Scan-QR and Bar code scanner

Extremely fast QR code readers application which scans barcode symbols. Salient features are Scan history log (stores history),Scan history map, front facing scanner and scan from you roll. It's a compensated application that we have to purchase from the play store. Cost: 122.35 rupees      Offered at Play store

5 Best Best iPhone QR code scanner for iPhone


Rated because the top QR code scanner/readers with decent performance in checking QR, data matrix, and UPC/EAN as well as accustomed to scan calendar bar code and save these to phone calendar.

It turns the digital camera into bar code readers and may save them, share them on Facebook, twitter along with other social systems(But we have to open Sigma’s website in safari browser).We are able to also share like as  SMS. I-Nigma saves a brief history of codes that  you've read.

QR readers for iPhone:

QR readers for iPhone is another good scanner having a large range of usability and discussing option, just by taping share, it shows us to talk about the data on Facebook, twitter, email and duplicate to clipboard. While checking URL you have to opt for safari browser. qr code scanner

Scan-QR code readers and scanner:

We are able to scan by pointing your camera in the code, then you've done the checking. The checking is going to be instantly made by the application with no press button. The scanner will instantly recognize the code you're pointing. You'll be come to the browser when the code contains any URL. Which is among the best-suited QR code scanner for iPhone .

Scan existence - Readers:

Scans UPC bar code. All checking history that people were done is going to be saved across multiple devices. Users from U . s . states can earn mPoint rewards because they scan barcode symbols that redeemed legitimate gift certificates. We are able to create our personalized QR code in the application itself. among the famous QR code scanner.


Qrafter scans QR, data matrix codes extremely fast. The feature of the application, to alter the colours of QR code images and save them within our photo gallery looks excellent. The above mentioned-shortlisted QR code scanner/readers apps obtainable from the application store or in the website

 5 Best best QR code scanner/readers for Home windows

UP code:

UP code scans 2D, Bidi and 1D (Data matrix/QR/Ean8 & 13). We are able to also create optical barcodes by using this application. Supported for: Home windows 10, 8.1, 8

QR Scanner RS:

QR scanner is light weighted QR code scanner/readers, scans web links that contains barcodes (EAN/UPC). All we have to point your camera in the code along with a popup provide the result that people need. Supported for: Home windows 10, 8.1, 8

Flash code:

Flash code scans 2D barcodes (QR, Data matrix) and 1D Bar code on various products. Supported for: Home windows 10, 8.1, 8

QR code readers:

Well enhanced QR code scanner/readers for Nokia Lumia series. It scans the code rapidly and saves it in your device. This can be used readers in checking website URLs, calendar, geo-coordinates, Wi-Fi network information. Supported for: Home windows 8.1, 8


As you can see I-Nigma is better QR code scanner above it performs pretty much we have discussed, It's also  readily available for home windows phones. Supported for: Home windows 8.1, 8 The above mentioned listed mobile apps obtainable from https://world wide windows

Best QR code scanner/readers for Blackberry

QR Code scanner:

scans regular UPC codes with nice usage interface. We don’t have to take picture of code, rather, we go ahead and take camera in the code it'll provide the result.

Scan existence readers:

Scan existence readers scans QR, EZ codes, data matrix, UPC, ISBN using the good interface in Blackberry mobiles. It's mandatory to supply out information as the initial user.For Blackberry devices both of these QR code scanners work nicely.

Maybe you have used any one of this ? if so share your views by commenting below. Otherwise suggest us your Encounters.

if so share your views by commenting below and inform us your Experience.


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