Free India Classified Sites List 2021 or free ad submission sites are extremely practical for any company and website to classify or market their goods and company on the internet in India at no cost. Free ad submission sites or classified submission sites in India would be most famous for posting classified ads locally and nearby by a city. This is another great opportunity for the advertiser who wants their free ad posting sites in India, and people start reaching you through email and telephone numbers.

Classified submission sites supply your company results in SEO that is local to your site. It helps to get high DA and PA for the products and at your location. There are a lot of free classifieds sites in India that take for free or without enrollment, but most of the ads are aimed at junk. If you want a real user and want to get conversions, make sure you choose great free classified sites to offer.

What is a classified submission?

Classified submission is one of the most widely used off-page SEO techniques used to promote business in the local and global area. The list of free classified sites in India is the best way to get authority do-follow back-links.

It helps you to get high da back-links for your website which helps in increasing your SERPs. You can increase the online presence of your products and services by making classified submissions. In this article, we have covered Indian ad posting sites for free, which will help you to increase your website traffic and increase business revenue.

This off-page SEO activity is very popular nowadays. SEO professionals know that it is very difficult to find working free classifieds submission sites for posting their ads in India. But we have a team of SEO professionals who are working on finding free classified ad posting sites that work in India.

Before starting the submission you must have some details which are given below:

Title: If you want to create an effective classified ad, you must first create an effective and catchy title wisely. Don't forget to include the keyword in the title. A catchy and compelling headline will generate enough interest among readers and buyers and bring them to your site

Description: Once you are done with the title, next you need to create a description of the services and products that you are offering to your customers. Do not try to deceive the customers with some false promises or anything that can tarnish your brand image. Generally, most classifieds use attractive offers (limited offers, special discounts for the first five people, limited stock, etc.) to satisfy the interests of customers.

Contact Details: Now, you have to put the finishing touches intelligently so that your buyer or customer can click on "Buy Now" or "Contact Now" button.

Let's start with the importance of classified submissions

There has been a great debate over this where many websites suggest that classified submission is not as beneficial. Again, there are instances where people have found the right set of target audience after posting their products/services on classified submission sites. Therefore, Free India Classified Sites List 2021 play an essential role in getting your business to your potential target group in a straight line.

Classified submission sites have a major role in generating high quality backlinks. Backlinks are important because they redirect from other sites to your site. It also helps you achieve the desired ranking on the search engine result pages for your website.

Submitting your classified ads will improve website traffic. Adding classified ads to your website can also lead to more conversions. People visit your website not only because it is attractive, but they also go in numbers when they find your products and offers attractive. It can also be helpful in building brand awareness through various social media channels.

Key benefits of classified ads

One of the major benefits of posting classified ads is that it improves the SEO score of your website. Here are 5 major benefits of classified ads-

1. Easy to use classified ads

Classified ads are both search engine and mobile-friendly. They are easy to navigate and easy to share through social media channels. You can show your viewers what you want and give a solution for what they want. See how your objective is solved with the least effort. This is what makes classified ads more popular than traditional ads.

2. Reaching the world level

It Goes super hassle-free with classified ads targeting audiences globally too. If you are selling your products through a website then this is the best way by which you can maximize the performance of your product in the global market as well and thus increase your sales volume. Creating a global audience is a unique feature of classified ads.

3. Classified Ads Are Free

Most classified ads are actually free. Since most of the businesses are operating digitally, it is necessary to have a business website for every business operation. There will also be no shortage of classified submission ads, for obvious reasons. Most of these sites offer you to post your classified ads for free, which means you don't have to pay for the promotion of your business/product. Sites like OLX, Quickr, and Amagi let you post your classified ads to increase brand visibility.

4. Create Ads in a Minute

If you choose print media to publish your classified ads, it will take a long time to get published. In addition, there is also a lot of money involved. In the case of classified ads, you can easily create it without any professional help. There is a lot of software available online that can be used to create attractive classified ads in under a minute.

5. SEO Drives Traffic for Classified Sites

If you are the owner of a product selling site, then you need to do SEO of your site to increase the traffic and visibility on your site. Writing blogs on your products can be accommodating from an SEO viewpoint. Posting blog or website addresses in the form of classified ads will increase the number of people on your website and get your site up on search engines as well. It will be easier for people who are searching for specific products to reach your site.

Key Points You Need to Remember When Making a Classified Ad Submission

Before creating your classified ad you should follow these things to get optimized results-

1. Select the Best Free Classifieds

When posting your classified ad, make sure you have selected the best-classified submission site. This one option will make it easier to use backlinks and direct marketing. You essentially need to find classified submission sites that promote your business category and give you the freedom to choose your business category. For example, if you sell motor parts online, you'll need to search for the latest "car parts for sale classifieds" in available search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

2. Give a Catchy Title

When creating your ad it is essential to put an attractive ad title at the first place. The title of the ad engages the audience with a glance. It also gives them the good vibes of your brand. Research suggests that the title can generate a 60% greater impact on classified ads.

3. Give a brief description of the product

A single headline may immediately grab the attention of the audience but is certainly not enough here. You must tell your buyer what your ad is about; Otherwise, how will they know about it? Create a concise and relevant description of your product. Remember, the description should not exceed 50-70 words. A long description can bore buyers.

4. Choose the Right Category

You have to choose the right category for your product. Otherwise, people won't find your product in the same category they're looking for, and you won't benefit from those ads. Proper selection of categories plays an important role in the classified presentation.


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